Saffron is considered as the most expensive spice in the world and due to the high prices it is being prepared in special ways to receive more color

At present one of the leading countries in Zaffron Growing is Iran


There are 2 ways for preparing , but before preparing you should crush and grind the dried flower flags with a rather old stone or metal grinder as you see in below


crushed particles should be grinded within a grinder with a little bit friction , it would be changed into some zaffron powder . Then you just need about 1 teaspon of zaffron powder and about 1/3 cup just boiled water and after about 10 minutes you would have a golden color liquid to applying in Halva , Deserts , Pastries and Rices , etc


You can also place 1 teaspoon of this zaffron powder within a glass and put just  4 or 5 small Ice cubic and then just wait for about 15 minutes to melting the Ice


This zaffron loquid by such the ways would be kept in fridge for about 3 days , but if you freeze it , then would be remained about one month . Before applying , it is required to be keept in room temprature



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