Ramadan Mubak ; This is a one of the most popular desserts in Ramadan  , garnished with cinnamon , almonds and pistachio


It is being prepared as a Nazri  , to offering on the religious ceremonies in fact not to poor people ,but also to the relatives

Anyway it is being served as a Dessert nowadays




broken Iranian rice 2cups soaked for 24 hours and drained : available in all Iranian markets
6cups of sugar
200gr. Butter
saffron brewed water 3/4cup
Golab / Rose water 1 cup
Aragh Hel / cardamom water 1/2cup
for garnishing : blanched & chopped
almond and pistachio and cinamon



Notes & Tips
Do not add sugar befor flourishing rice
To testing sugar , let it cool
To garnishing let it cool
for cooking place on mid. heat
add water as soon as requires


place rice and 10 cups water ( add 5 cups water for each cup rice ) on a mid heat . add butter as soon as water boiled

add water if need untill the rice flourish and soft

when rice completely cooks and you can hardy recognize any rice , add sugar and stirr
If needs add some water . It must not be too thick or too thin

add brewed saffron and add some of balncehd almonds , rose water and cardamom water

place on mid heat for another half an hour . Then stirr and whisk very well and pour in the bowls or plates . Let them cool and garnish

Note : you can use any rice ,but Iranian rice is too much smelling & fragrant .And by broken rice , the pudding would become more soft and gellylike and you need no Gelatine

You can also cook by some little amount of Gelatine powder and pour in a dessert mould


to have a jellylike sholeh zard you can put 1 tablespoon Gelatine powder ( for 2 cups rice) in pudding by Bain- marie method

pour powder in a small cup and add some drops of cold water and the place the cup on a hot boiling water . It solveds in a few moments


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