Watermelon rind frangible Jam



Rind of 1 large watermelon about 1. Klg
sugar one Klg. & a half
five table spoons of Rosewater
four pods  Cardamom

or a few drops of vanilla essence

two cups water

 two tablespoon of Lemon juice

one cup  Calcium hydroxide, traditionally called slaked lime


Peel the green outer skin off the watermelon rind
Cut the rind into Cubics or rectangular or diamond-shaped or which shape you want

Prepare lime water by mixing 4 table spoons of slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) and 4 cups of cold water. Mix the solution well, leave to settle for 15 min. then filter the lime water


We need the ( b ) from the rinds in the picture
Soak the water melon rind in the lime water for about 12 hours
Remove from the lime water and rinse well
Bring to the boil & add rinds . Then let them boil about 5 min . Change water and let them boil again for 5 min. Finaly change water and add that 4 cups of water
Add the sugar & rinds & Cardamom pods . Let them simmer about 15 min. tilll them being translucent
Add the lemon juice and vanillin or vanilla essence or rosewater and 2 tablespoon of Lemon juice
The candied Jam is ready let it cool & transfer into a sterilized jars and seal , keep it cool




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