rolled kebab / kabab / kebep


Beef tenderloin

some Onion juice

some Black pepper

For fillings

some chopped onion

chopped walnuts

Garlic paste

finely chopped mushrooms
Pomegranate Sauce/paste

For brushing

some butter


cut the meat to be thinner slices just as ribbons as shown in picture


pound meat between layers of plastic wrap

and then tenderize by merinating in Onion juice and Black pepper


then prepare the filling by sauteeing onions and mushrooms


then you will have a paste by a mixture of Garlic paste , walnut , sauteeing onions and mushrooms


put some little amount of paste on the ribbons , but no too much

then you will have some little rolled meat kebebs 

put them on the skewers : shish

while grilling , brush some melted butter

Serve with Lemone and green papper

see also : chicken breast roll kebab / Kabab









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