Halva / Halwa  is a sweet very rich and fulfilling persian dessert. It is being considered as a delight during a religious or mourning ceremony . If you make it in a large quantity , you can keep the rest  in the freezer.It is being prepared by some other different ingridient as rose flower
  1/2 cup water
three cups sifted whole wheat flour
300gram  unsalted butter or gee or oil
1/2  cups sugar 1
1/2 choped  walnut cup
gm 300  Grape syrup
Cups 1/2 or 50 gm  dried and powdered rose flower
1/2 cup rose water
some rose buds and mint leaves
In a pot bring water to a gentle boil on medium heat, add sugar and then grape syrup , stirring well to
At the end add rose water and set aside
In a large pot toast sifted flour on a med heat for about 6 or 7 min. while stirrung frequently
  As soon as the color changed , gradually add walnuts  then  butter and stir continuously for about 10-15 minutes


then add rose flower powder but in this step not too much heat because it would change the nice color
Now take away from heat
Pour slowly the syrup & water & sugar mixture into the flour while stirring until the syrup is fully absorbed the flour
Stir well and cook on low heat for 10-15 minutes till all the flour is being made as a lump


then remove from heat
As a traditional shape : transfer halva onto a flat dish and with the back of a table spoon flatten halva and give it some shapes
It  would be garnished by a Cake decorating bag and Tips

or by scopes such as picture . Garnish with some Mint leaves and rose flower  


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