Rose Bud flower Jam 

This delicuose colorful jam is being prodcued by Tebriz ( Azerbaijan ) flowers  and known as Gole Mohammadi or Damask rose . There are grown some kinds of Gole Mohammadi in other parts of Iran but  Tebriz flowers have more sweet  taste  and  would not get bitter after cooking  and also you would not get Diarrhea


one cup of Dreid rose buds

two cups of granulated sugar

Half of a cup Rose water

two spoons of lemon juice

 some rose buds and mint or basil  leaves


remove the green particles and make a hole by a rather thick needle at the bottome of the buds so that water and sugar penetration goes through
place the roses within the rose water or simple water to let them be soft
combine sugar with water  and place the pot on the stove  to making a thick  syrup ,at the end add and rose water
add the soft rose buds and lemone juice within the syrup and  stir them , do not cover the pot ,  then remove after 5 minutes  from the heat
Do not let the buds cook , or they would lose the pink color
now cover the pot with a thick cotton towel for one day
then let it rest in refrigrator for few days to set the color & sweetness
frezz it for long time to enjoy its nice pink color
this jam does not need any food coloring but if your jam get paled , you can add few drops of red color after cooking


Garnish the jam while serving with some rose buds and mint or basil  leaves or chopped walnuts & nuts



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