INGREDIENTS : 4-6 servings
Chicken breast, cut up: 400 grams
Onion: 1 medium-size
White rice: 4 cups (it's better to wash and soak the rice in salt water for 2-3 hours prior to cooking (5 cups of water and 3 spoonful of salt )
Yogurt, thick and sour: 1-1.5 cups
Egg: 3
Butter, cut into 1 inch cubes: 50 grams
Cooking oil
Freshly brewed saffron*(see below): 3-4 tablespoons
Cinnamon (optional): 1/2 teaspoon

Making brewed saffron: first grind 1 tablespoon of red threads of saffron with a pinch of sugar, then Add about 5 tablespoons of hot boiled water to the ground saffron and shake well. allow to brew for 10-15 minutes

Peel, chop and saute onions
- Put the chicken in a pot, add onions, salt, pepper, and a glass of water, cook over medium heat for 45 minutes or until cooked,
- Allow to cool, then remove the skin and bones

Boil a separate pan of water and add the rice
Leave the rice to boil until it has just turned soft hard (approx. 3-5 minutes). Stir occasionally
  Use a sieve and drain the water from the rice well  : use a strainer

In a big bowl mix together yogurt, eggs, salt, pepper, brewed saffron, 3 tablespoons of cooking oil and 4 tablespoons of chicken stock


Mix drained rice with yogurt mixture wel


Grease a non stick pot or mold (if you cook in oven) with 4 or 5 tablespoons of cooking oil
Fill it with one layer of rice (half of the rice), press and flatten with spatula, followed by one layer of chicken (spread chicken over it), then sprinkle with cinnamon, and cover with remaining rice


zaffron plays a very important role in persian traditional foods

Press and flatten again with spatula, put the cubed butter over it

blanched pistachio


Cover the pot and cook in oven (350 °F) or over low heat for about 1.30- 2 hours. If you cook over heat, it's better to cover the lid with cloth and then put it on tight and If you cook in oven, cover the mold with foil . Tah-chin is almost ready, flip it over serving dish

You can also decorate Tah-chin with fried barberry and blanched pistachio

You can use : Preparing barberries: fried Zereshk for preparing Barberries


prepared in flower shape Cilicon mould

Cooking tip
When you want to flip it over, place the serving dish on top and then slowly flip over. Wait a few minutes for the dish to cool before doing this
Also, if you find that the crust is stuck, you may have to use a knife around the sides to make sure it comes loose

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