Ingredients : 4 to 6 serving

200 grams of turkey or chicken : fuzzy
2.5 cups of peeled wheat
2 medium onions
Butter or Ghee
Turmeric or Cinnamon

Soak the wheat in cold water 1.5 days before
Change the water several times during this period ; wetting makes wheat easier to cook and soon be having baked
Bring Turkey or chicken with chopped onion with 2 cups of water to boil
Take out the bubbles which caused by meat and water on the surface
Add onions into the meat and gently heat it, cook steadily at a temperature just below the boiling point. It should not simmer
Cook it for about 3- 4 hours. Its water after cooking should not be too less and meat must be quite soft
After cooling, make the meat fuzzy
Wash and thoroughly cook the wheat, at the end add salt to it
Wheat should not be soupy or too dry

After cooling, put wheat and meat water along with onions into a blender
Smooth it out


Pour into the pot and add fuzzy meat with butter (50 grams) and gently heat it. Then check out the salt taste
Serve it with melted butter, cinnamon and if desired with sesame butter or seeds and sugar


Cooking tips : If you soak the wheats at most 2 days before , and if you cook a long time on a low heat so that the wheats cook well like traditional way , there is no need to use blender . The most important secret of a very nice Halim is cooking well and mashed wheats

It is a traditional breakfast . Some people use Tumeric and salt but the others like with sugar and cinamon . Enjoy it

Recipe by Marygol , Photos by Sara



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