Sohan e Asali 

Persian traditional Honey and nuts Candies 

it is being served at Nowrooz or New year gatherings


fine sugar one Cup
thick honey  3-4 spoonfuls
Butter  about 3 spoonful
steamed Freshly brewed Saffron about 1 - 2  teaspoon
silvered : almonds,sunflower seeds , pistachio and sesam about 1 cup


. Mix sugar, honey and butter and cook over low heat stirring occasionally until sugar and butter melts and turns golden

Be careful not to let it darken too much, or it will taste bitter

Add nuts and continue cooking while stirring occasionally about 7 minuts  to turn golden. Avoidover mixing


Dissolve saffron in a bit of hot water and add to the mix.  If it solidifies quickly, the mix is ready, Turn the heat off and spread wax paper on a flat tray and rub or spray some oil over the entire surface. Pour a small amount of the mix on the tray

Pour small portions of the mixture using a teaspoon on the tray at a few distances so that the portions do not touch and steak to eachother. As soon as each portion is poured on the tray, place a few slices of pistachio , seeds and sesam , almonds again on top. Allow to cool for 2 hour

Separate the sohaan from the tray using a tip of a knife and keep in a covered container and enjoy them


Tips : you can apply just almond or pistachio as well as sesam by alone then you can named it by the alone toppings just like sohan konjedi means : Honey , sesam candies


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